CCTV Camera Inspections

CCTV Camera Inspection for Faster Fraser Coast Plumbing Fixes


Plumbing CCTV
For faster Fraser Coast plumbing fixes, at Jet ’N’ Drain, we use CCTV camera inspection and a location device.

Using CCTV (Closed-Circuit TV) camera inspection, we can quickly diagnose drainage issues without needing to go to great expense. So no digging around for hours to inspect. CCTV puts the problem in plain view.

This is great use of technology, giving us x-ray vision and a worm’s-eye view of inside the pipes.

Once your plumbing problem has been viewed in this manner, we can confidently take measures to repair and return functionality to your property.

Where Our CCTV Camera Goes


CCTV is a game changer. Using this technology enables us to complete our jobs efficiently and effectively.

The way it works in the context of plumbing is simple enough. We insert the camera into the pipes and drains—at other times, into wall cavities—and check exactly where the problems arise.

We can see blockages, as well as damage. This includes cracked pipes, corrosion, and structural damage.

In some instances, the CCTV Camera Inspection exposes problems that can prevented before they get a chance to escalate.

CCTV shaves hours off the work of locating quite common plumbing problems that occur in the Fraser Coast region. And time is money that you will save as a result.

Give us a call today at Jet ’N’ Drain if your plumbing problem is underground or behind walls. Our CCTV camera inspections and plumbing services are available 24/7 for emergency plumbing situations at any residential or commercial property on the Fraser Coast.