Backflow Testing

Backflow Test for Fraser Coast Property Owners


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Backflow testing is an important responsibility for Fraser Coast property owners. If the Backflow Valve at your property is not functioning properly, contamination of drinking water in the neighbourhood can result.

Jet ’N’ Drain, at Hervey Bay, is your solution to making sure everything is working as it should at your Fraser Coast property.

About Backflow Testing


The Backflow Valve is there to prevent the mains water that comes into your property from reversing into the supply lines. This would happen if, for example, a break occurred in the main water line, or when a fire hydrant is opened for use.

The resulting drop in pressure would invite water to flow back into the main water supply and, along with that, the possibility for water containing contaminants to seep into the mix.

Call Jet ’N’ Drain to complete your annual Backflow Testing and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your Fraser Coast home or business complies with the regulations and risks of dangerous contamination are nullified.

Our licensed plumber will make sure your backflow valve is registered as fully compliant with Fraser Coast Regional Council.

The Jet ’N’ Drain Advantage


Testing of backflow valves is an important part of our Fraser Coast plumbing services.

As fully-licensed Master Plumber members, our team has more than 12 years’ plumbing experience. Being fully licensed, means all work done is covered by public liability insurance. Hiring a plumber of our calibre, you would not be exposed to liability as a result of work completed by Jet ’N’ Drain.

As with any of our job call-outs, we charge no call-out fees whatsoever.

Call us today to schedule backflow testing at your Fraser Coast property.