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Jet ’N’ Drain is your affordable plumber in Hervey Bay.

With 24/7 plumbing services, our family-owned operation has become the go-to plumber for Fraser Coast residents and businesses.

We are Master Plumber members and have been providing prompt plumbing services at the fairest prices for the past 12 years.

Give Jet ’N’ Drain a call today for all your plumbing needs.
Man Repairing sink — Jet ’N’ Drain in Hervey Bay QLD
Fraser Coast residents in the know, know to call Jet ’N’ Drain—your 24/7 plumber from Hervey Bay.
Pipes — Jet ’N’ Drain in Hervey Bay QLD
For prompt plumbing service on the Fraser Coast, put Jet ’N’ Drain on quick-dial. Simply save 0400 300 800 to your phone, now!
Blocked Pipe — Jet ’N’ Drain in Hervey Bay QLD
Jet ’N’ Drain can fix your blocked drain—any time, day or night. Based at Hervey Bay, we come equipped to unblock drains fast.
Pipes — Jet ’N’ Drain in Hervey Bay QLD
Backflow testing is required annually by Fraser Coast Regional Council. Call your Hervey Bay plumber, Jet ’N’ Drain to be sure that it's all in order.
Roof — Jet ’N’ Drain in Hervey Bay QLD
Our Fraser Coast plumber uses CCTV to help fix plumbing problems fast. Jet ’N’ Drain is your 24/7 plumbing service with the all-seeing CCTV.
Roof — Jet ’N’ Drain in Hervey Bay QLD
Roofing and guttering problems can be fixed fast on the Fraser Coast, thanks to Jet ’N’ Drain. We provide 24/7 rapid response emergency service as needed.

Why Choose Us?


Looking for a plumber on the Fraser Coast to respond to your plumbing issues and emergency?

Jet ’N’ Drain in Hervey Bay is at the ready, 24/7. We carry the latest equipment to diagnose issues quickly. Starting every job with the right people using the right equipment, saves you time and money.

We pride ourselves with our workmanship and getting the job done right the first time. WE WORK FOR YOU.